Monday, January 11, 2016

{Good Random Fun} Week 2

The Good
I managed to get some more boxes packed.
And to begin the daunting task of sorting, organizing and {perhaps} selling off
some of my HUGE selection of scrapbooking and craft supplies!
I {of course} want to set up a workshop space wherever we move.
if I'm taking my own "lean and mean" challenge seriously,
there's some sorting, sifting and lightening that needs to go on here!

The Random and the Fun

I very much enjoyed the ice that was at the edge of the pond last week.
It's as if the pond was melting out from under the frozen bits,
and the result was some interesting, albeit random, icy sculptures.
As usual, the fun was in the photography!

Joining Tamar and Judith


  1. The good thing about selling some of your inventory is that you will (hopefully) be left with only the stuff you really love! And I find that having less sparks my creativity more.

    love the ice photos

  2. Beautiful icy photos Adrienne - Nature makes each season so very special!
    We are sweltering down under so it's hard to imagine snow and ice in your parts now!

  3. Beautiful photos. Good luck and patience in sorting.

  4. Hello, pretty icy images! We are downsizing and de-cluttering too. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  5. Natures ice is gorgeous! I did not realize you would have to prepare for the move this quickly. I could never do it...I just don't think I could!!

  6. My mom had a good purge before her move last month and said it felt great. Do you have a new place?
    LOVE the ice - so delicate but stunning.

  7. Gotta tell ya, it seems we move about every 5-8 years and I LOVE it because it forces me to get rid of all the clutter and non-necessities! Did you find a place yet? (btw, I sent you a text yesterday re: Philly...did you get it?)

  8. Those ice images were amazing how they formed!

    and LivingFromHappiness

  9. I'm perhaps 5 months ahead of you. I think we. Over in September. It quickly became obvious we all handle these situations differently. I've come to the slow conclusion that for me, this move also included downsizing. Your craft section reminded me of that. I'm not sure if I caught where or when you are moving. Hang in there...somehow we are here and very thankful...

  10. I feel for you. The sorting and organizing can be time consuming and is always rewarding, but for me the downsizing always feels a bit like I am abandoning my babies. LOL, I just usually remind myself that it is a good excuse to get more new and different supplies. :D
    Good luck
    P.S. Wonderful ice photos!

  11. Good for you sorting and weeding down (I desperately need to do that). Outstanding ice shots.

  12. I've thought about getting rid of the stamps I don't use or even like - maybe as I purge the basement this will happen in the spring. I would want a craft studio wherever I am too.
    In the first water photo, don't those look like ice lily pads?

  13. That last photo is fantastic! Good luck on your packing. One thing I dislike about moving is coming across projects I never completed.