Monday, January 25, 2016

{Good Random Fun} Week 4

The Good
 Sunshine after a snowfall.
Sunday was an exceptionally peaceful day to wander around "my" snowy pond.

The Random

There weren't very many people out enjoying the snowy scene,
but there were plenty of critters to keep me company...
including the one I brought myself!

The NOT so Fun
This Patriots fan was heartbroken yesterday.
And I know.
The Patriots aren't very popular.
And many felt like it was karma. Or payback.
I've almost written many things here over this past year about this team.
And about Mr. Brady.
But I know there's no changing people's minds out there.
I feel proud, however, to be able to say that today as this teem takes the loss there will be
NO whining,
NO blaming faulty tablets,
NO blaming the refs,
NO finger pointing,
NO trash talking.
Respect for the other team will be communicated.
And - to a man - each coach and player will take their responsibility,
own up to their errors,
and vow to return and fight another day.
That's what I love most about my home team.

Joining Tamar and Friends


  1. So so so peaceful!!
    Sorry about the Pats )-:

  2. Love your swan shots and I too am disappointed the Patriots fell short. You are singing to the choir about the whole deflateagate - much ado about nothing and a witch hunt of ridiculous proportions.

  3. first....awesome captures, the grand puppy is my favorite!!! and about those pat's, it only matters what you think. there is a lot to be said for loyalty and you my friend are loyal and see the good in everyone and everything. it just wasn't their year. i actually watched the game (i never watch football) and i thought the denver team (was it denver) played better, on that day. on another day, the outcome may have been different!!!

  4. Beautiful snowy scenes!