Thursday, February 11, 2016

Valentine Wishes

Dear Hubby ~
You are my, tomorrow...for always. I love our adventures. The big, life altering exploits and the small day to day experiences. Here's to many, many more years of Valentine celebrations together! Love, me.

Dear iPhone Camera ~
I love you so. You're always there with me...faithfully answering those last second calls for a quick snapshot. Mostly, I love you because you don't annoy my husband like that big camera. He doesn't mind posing for you. And that's a small miracle!! Much obliged, Photo Addict

Dear Random Stranger Who Took Our Pic ~
I spotted you when we both stopped to take a photo of the same thing. Our spouses had no idea what we were taking a photo of...but we knew. Hope yours turned out well ~ and hope you find willing strangers who will help you when you want to be in the shot! Happy Valentines from a kindred {photo} spirit

Dear Rusty ol' Bike Rider ~
I wish you many bliss filled rides about town. I hope your beloved bike survives the Boston winter! I'm glad you left her out, chained to the tree, because this was a photo-op that my kindred {photo} spirit and I couldn't resist! She might like to be taken for a spin for Valentines Day! Stay Warm, Your Secret Admirer

Dear Reflection in the Window ~
I just can't resist you. You and your whole, huge, interesting family! I've never met a reflection that I don't adore! You've given me hours of photographic joy - and I will never, ever forget you or stop taking your pictures! Much love, Your Number One Fan

Dear Newbury Street ~
Thanks for being a little piece of around-the-world goodness right in the heart of Boston. You are a never ending feast for the eyes, the stomach and the imagination. If only my pocket book was bigger, I would visit you more often. Sigh. Until the next time...Your wanna-be bestie...

Dear Snow Covered Branches ~
I love you. You captivate me. Mesmerize me. You are the absolute best thing about any snow storm. You deserve all the love this Valentines day! Thanks for filling my eyes {and photos} with delight! Love, A Winter Wonderland Dweller

Dear Boston ~
O, how I adore you! I love all your old brick. I adore your fancy wrought iron fences, and gates. I'll never tire of gazing into your windows, walking along your history-filled streets and calling you home. I am Your forever Valentine!

Sharing some of my Valentine Wishes with TheresaKim and Kat


  1. So pretty!! I love this snowy town!

  2. what a neat post. love your snow covered images.

  3. Ah, I loved every part of this fun post! I've visited Boston a couple times and it is fantastic. A great place to visit. You got some nice snowy shots. Glad you happened upon your photo kindred spirit. :-)

  4. Love the bike shot and wintry photos of Newbury St in Boston not far from me ~ What a lovely couple ~ Happy Valentine's Day to you ~ ^_^

    Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^

  5. such a sweet post all the way through. full of goodness (and good fences!) :)

  6. Well this was just wonderful all the way around.

  7. ooooh adrienne, this is so sweet!! i was writing about my valentine earlier, we each have a good one!!!

    i am always on the lookout, for a kind looking soul, to take our picture on the fly. i scope out the peeps around us and always score....because i know what to look for. i would pick you for instance, in a crowd of peeps......i would know that you would be happy to photograph me and the hubs!!! xo

  8. ooooh and that's a great picture of you and hubby!!!!

  9. Ohh, first time visitor here.... Love this post.

  10. Your photo shots are awesome and obvious love of Boston.
    Now following!

  11. This is such a lovely post, what a wonderful way to celebrate the loves in your life


  12. I love it all!! Happy Valentine's Day to you to!!

  13. This is great! I love that you bonded with a complete stranger who was also snapping photos of a little winter beauty. Like minds! :)

  14. This is an adorable post! I love how gorgeous your city is. What a treat for the eyes.