Monday, March 7, 2016

{Good Random Fun} Week 10

Yesterday's FUN was all about
and sorting some more.
I spent hours in my scrapbook room.
And, truth be told, got a whole lot accomplished.
But my, oh my...the waves of nostalgia weren't ripple-like.
Tidal waves of nostalgia washed over me.

Here are just a few of my RANDOM finds...
 {my brother's soccer album and medals from high school}

 {so many precious cards from our kids}

 {these goofy photos taken by two bored kids one Christmas Eve...waiting can be so hard!}

 {my father's baby book ~ with notes in my grandmother's hand}

 {my grandparent's wedding keepsake album!! Atlantic City and New York...1929}

 {my parents' wedding memories...including telegrams from the day}

And memories from this house.
The postcard I mailed when we moved in.
My son's graduation announcement.
GOOD memories.

As I worked in my basement yesterday,
I felt so much gratitude for our seven years in this lovely little house.
I have shared hours and days with dear friends
around tables in my workshop space.
Time spent laughing and crying,
sharing and caring
for each other...
and for the memories that make us and our families who they are.

When Ed Sheeran's song came on, I'm not gonna lie..
I lost it just a wee bit...

"We keep this love in a photograph
We made these memories ofr ourselves
Where our eyes are never closing
Hearts are never broken
And time's forever frozen still"

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  1. stuff and more just keeps growing

  2. These are so very many memories. When we downsized, I downsized everything. Most of the memories live in my heart now...but a few remain to touch and hold!

  3. Beautiful photos of beautiful memories. X

  4. home is wherever "you" are adrienne, "you" are the heart of the home!!!!

  5. It's that kind of week, I lost my last Aunt on my Mom's side on Sunday. Luckily I have many photos of her.

  6. THIS is the downfall of NOT keeping many things from the past. These kinds of treasures. I'm afraid I fall into the "NOT" group :(

  7. I love finding these bits of treasured memories. So many people purge so deeply, they don't keep any pieces of the past for future generations to enjoy. Love all your photos. #songography

  8. What wonderful memories!