Thursday, March 17, 2016

Reflections on Time

I wish I could turn back time...
         to that day when two twenty-somethings built this R2D2 like they were kids again
         to that day I got a hug and a Christmas cactus from a dear friend
         to that time I washed these curtains because special guests were coming to stay
         to that day my daughter and I were making the table runners for her reception...the one that now covers the bookshelf
         or to that day I hammered a huge nail into the wall because the bookcase leaned to the left

Or...maybe just slow down time...
         So many little tiny memories!
         Every where I look, as we pack these never-ending boxes, I'm reminded.
         And filled with gratitude.
         I'm taking mental pictures {and iPhone pictures} of the little things ~
             those small scenes that, added all together, made this house our home.
         I don't want to rush the packing.
         I don't want to miss anything.

Or....maybe I really wish I could speed up time...
         to that day, in our new home, where everything will have a new spot
         to that day when the packing AND the unpacking will be completed

Silly really.
Cause we all know, time is what it is.
And that it will march on, no matter how much we indulge in wishful thinking.



  1. such a beautiful mirror to reflect on all your wonderful memories!!!! we are lucky to have these special memories!!!

  2. This morning we were talking about the fact that it's been 17 years today since my father died. Sheesh. That time thing. I sure hope your move goes smoothly. And, there will be more memories made in your new home!

  3. Such a great shot and so well said. SO many memories to reflect upon.

  4. Love this shot. I know it will be so meaningful as days go forward. I hope this time of packing just fills your heart with all the good you experienced in this home.

  5. I recently went through the same thing. It's bittersweet, the leaving behind and the starting off new. Great shot!

  6. Great post! I can relate to wanting to turn back or slow time. I hope your move goes well.

  7. What a lovely post. Reflections of relections.

  8. Live for the momeent, only that wway will be enjoy life to the full

  9. I think this post perfectly demonstrates how there is beauty in all the times, past present and future. :)