Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Black & White Wednesday ~ Afternoon Shadows

The adrenaline has left the building.
Or, more accurately...it's left my body.
With to-do lists {for the most part} completed, and boxes {for the most part} un-packed, weariness has set in.
And as Miss Weariness took up residence in my body, she was presumptive enough to bring along Mr. Sinus Infection. He was a most definitively unwanted guest. However, having met Miss Weariness on a number of occasions in my life, I should have expected that she'd bring a troubling guest along with her. Alas.

This Saturday, as the afternoon sun slid gently toward the horizon, I put down the sponges, the gloves, the hammer and nails. I allowed myself to relax and enjoy the slow dance that was playing out before my eyes. Light and Shadow were setting the mood.
And I let them.

I took a step back.
I took a deep breath.
I let go.
We were here. We were in.
I could rest my weary bones, let that sink in and bask in the glow.

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  1. These are so gorgeous! Hang in there and enjoy the settling in!

  2. You've done a great job - I like your photos!

  3. Love your black and whites. Also loved meeting Miss Weariness. Your writing is charming and delicate, just as your photos are. Lovely.

  4. How come it is always when we stop that sickness invades ... I am always sick on my holidays. Lovely pictures of the light and shadows that caught your eye.

  5. Lovely images... quite nostalgic! Feel better soon!

  6. It feels like yesterday...packing everything up in the US, selling the house, looking for an apt in Paris and moving in... two years later, my husband and I still feel in a constant state of recovery from that, an underlying persistent fatigue. One big transition to another. Your being an expert in moving, I know your recovery will be much much shorter. I'm happy to see you heeding the call to stop and reset to regain energy. Be well Adrienne... and oh I love the light and shadow play, the quiet of these images. xo

  7. Beautiful, crisp Black and White images! Love Black and White photography! Glad to have found your meme!