Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Black & White Wednesday ~ Winter's Kiss

In case you haven't heard,
Winter stopped by this weekend to give Spring a kiss good-bye.
Winter is very thoughtful that way.
But, we're all here to say...
It's ok Winter.
You can be on your way now.
It's time to step aside and give Spring her moment in the spotlight.

My Memory Art
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Now that I've finished with all this house moving stuff,
I'm excited to spend time visiting every one's blog!
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  1. Icy ... I love the detail b&w brings out.

  2. I do hope it was Good Bye :)

    Thanks for hosting :)

  3. Such lovely macros... but oh does it seem cold! We all seem to be waiting and waiting for winter to finally bid us adieu. And the strangest thing is we all seem to be experiencing one day of acute rise in temperature only for it to come way back down a couple days later, oh my!

  4. So can I tell ya the song that goes thru my mind with this's from "Bye Bye Birdie" and called 'One Last Kiss'. So glad Philly was a spurned lover when it came to winter and her kisses the past couple of days :).


    very nice.

  6. That's the perfect title for your lovely photo!

  7. excellent.

  8. i say, bye, bye will not be missed!!!!