Monday, April 25, 2016

Good. Random. Fun. {week 17}

The very best thing about last week?
Two angels
{otherwise known as my children}
spent the day with me and the Ikea directions
and assembled my scrapbook room furniture!!

Over the weekend I began to fill up the storage space and get set up.
This is good!
Oh. So. Good.
Workshops begin again on Wednesday!!

In the random category,
I've discovered an iced beverage that I really {really} like at Starbucks.
Shaken Iced Passion Tango Tea.
For someone who doesn't do dairy.
Or sugar.
Or much caffeine...
It's tough to find a "fun" beverage!
I'm being told, from numerous sources, that this drink is just brewed herbal tea over ice.
Since I'm enjoying it so much,
I'm choosing to believe my sources...

Yesterday was a gorgeous spring day here in New England.
So I set out to have some fun and find a new walking trail.
You see here the entrance to the "Salem Town Forest"
and a few miles of trails,
some of which border Shadow Pond.

Lovely, right?

What started so well
turned into a bit of a crazy afternoon.
You see...I got a bit lost in the woods.
I think that when I got to this point, where the trail seems to ignore this rock wall,
I should have turned around.
Let me just say that there is A WHOLE LOT of wooded acreage out here that doesn't belong to the town. 
Or, if it does, it doesn't officially connect to the marked walking trails.
Sadly, I had wandered awfully far before I realized I wasn't where I was supposed to be.
Let's just say...
if it was alone time I was looking for, I got plenty of it before I found my way back to where I belonged.

Yup. Well over an hour just me, the pines and the birds.
Note to self: next time, bring a trail map.

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  1. I love your scrap room! I used to get that tea so tasty!!

  2. I love this ! Your kids are great, I love your space.

  3. WOW...Love those new desks! Nature walks...that would be my ah....moment for sure! And the photos are all simply beautiful!