Monday, May 23, 2016

Good. Random. Fun {Weeks 20 & 21}

These last few weeks have centered around two things:
Finishing up some of the last unpacking minutia
beginning to explore the area.
I have two old printer's for nick-nacks and one for jewelry.
I could unpack two whole rooms in the time it took me to
hang, unwrap, clean off and re-fill these two "antiques" ...
good thing I love the end result so much!

We've also begun to buy a few house plants ~ the 'finishing touch' for this otherwise empty corner of the main room.
The peach hibiscus we bought has NOT disappointed!
So many blooms already!

One of the funniest, most random and unexpected thing we've discovered at our place
is the nightly frog serenade!
I will try and get a recording that I can upload - I mean they are SO LOUD we can hear them
with the windows closed and the television on...ribbit!

I have had tons of fun beginning to explore my area.
The history is rich and I look forward to many new discoveries!

This past weekend we had our first official {non-family} dinner guests.
My boss and his wife...friends for more years than we'd like to admit...hung out Saturday night.
When the realtor first asked me to describe what I wanted in a house,
I told her that I was hoping we'd find a gathering place.
A place where family and friends are always welcome.
I so loved fixing dinner and getting everything ready for our friends...
This place is made for parties!!


  1. Those printer's trays are fabulous! Have fun settling in!

  2. The trays are FAB!! And I cannot say this enough - the light is GORGEOUS!!! What a great space to gather with friends!

  3. What a lovely home! Those printer's trays are a great find. I love all of your windows, too!

  4. I love that you have frogs! My mom and grandma both had printer trays filled with knick-knacks when I was little. I remember spending hours looking at what was in them. Your new home looks so lovely - I noticed the lilac bush through the window.

  5. Nice series of shots. Your new place looks open and inviting. New areas are always fun to explore.

  6. What a great idea to use an old printer's tray for a jewelry box. I just might have to borrow that idea.

    I want exactly what you have in my forever home. We are on the hunt now... hopefully this fall I will be welcoming people around my table.

    This post filled me up :-D

    Lisa @ Life Thru the Lens

  7. Your new home looks beautiful! Love the hibiscus. I love listening to frogs.