Thursday, May 12, 2016

Reflections of a Scrapbooker

A little over a decade ago, I was introduced to a scrapbooking company called Creative Memories. While the company has suffered some corporate ups and downs during that time, one thing remains true - I'm a fan. I love the basics, the core products that define who they are {have always been} to the scrapbooking world. All my my family memories are preserved on the pages and in the albums that they produce. And the tools that I most enjoy working with are made by them. As with any creative industry, there's a wide variety of choices out there ~ and I'm not one to be exclusive to any one brand...but for the basics of my craft, I'm a CM girl at heart. And I'm glad to see them thriving once again!

As the late afternoon sun poured into my new scrapbook studio yesterday, I was working with some photos and was, yet again, struck by how much I enjoy using the tools of the trade. There are a set of blades that CM makes whose little peg legs fit into the grooves of multiple plastic shapes. Once those legs are set inside the groove, they follow the track around the shape and - presto - in seconds you have a perfectly cut circle. Or oval. Or star....the possibilities are numerous!

Now, I know this isn't for everyone.

But as someone who enjoys freeing her photos from their digital holding cell, and using them to tell stories of all kinds, these tools have provided me with hours and hours of fun!

In the afternoon light, the little blade's reflection caught my eye ~ and I couldn't help but take this 'work in progress' shot. Cause that's just what my blogging/gramming/scrapbooking self does!

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  1. I love how this is a passion for you! Your scrapbooks are such a treasure of your memories!

  2. That is a lovely dog face in your first picture. The reflections of the tool is just fine.

  3. Very creative reflections and what a cute dog!

  4. Marvellous reflections. I hope you will have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Very cool. I did my kids s rap books from 0-18 years. Free form scrapper because of my art background.

  6. your images are always so creative. we share the same passion!!!

  7. Adore that you make this a priority. Free from digital...yes! Prints matter and tangible memories matter!