Thursday, July 28, 2016

Six {vacation} Favorites

Our trip to Central Oregon this year was, as always, delight-full.
Not only was there family
and fun and lots of R & R...
but there was plenty of time for me to play with my camera!

Here are my favorite "critter" pics from our vacation.

1. The House Cats.
OJ and Buddy have recently "earned" the privilege of being let outside during the day.
It was fun to get to photograph them as they ventured out...
off the deck and through the weeds.

2. The Doves

We were serenaded throughout the trip by the cooing doves.
It was the first sound I registered every morning.
In the side yard,
where they are treated to lots of food,
I enjoyed watching the light catch the white in their feathers as they flew from place to place.

3. The Deer.

These guys probably deserve a post all their own.
Every morning and evening four or five deer wander into the yard and find food 
that's been set out for them.
They are beautiful creatures!!
This year I loved that little OJ the cat wasn't spooked by them - 
not at all!
He often wandered right up to them during their visits!

4.  The Hummingbirds

Always an obsession of mine while I'm at my in-laws.
This little guy "posed" for me a ton.
In reality, he found a good "lookout post" atop a juniper tree.
He'd come and set a spell...until he saw other hummers head for the feeders,
then he'd go and chase them off.
He was kind of a little brat.
But pretty cute none-the-less!

5. This Dragonfly

This is an iPhone moment.
On our first trip to our favorite lake ~ home to most all of my favorite dragonfly pics ~
this guy greeted me. Welcomed me!
He just sat there as my macro iPhone lens moved in towards him.
I couldn't believe it!!
Such a poser!

6. Some "human" Critters

We were treated to many beautiful sunsets during our two week stay.
One night the sky was particularly dramatic ~
there was a storm out over the valley, but we could see the clearing coming through at the same time.
We sat for several hours...
watching the sky and the lightening...
and doing what human critters do so well...
recording the sight on whatever device we had with us!

Stay tuned...
many more vacation pics to come!

Joining Kim and Kat and Eileen


  1. Your pictures are always stunning! You make me want to go to Central Oregon and set a spell with all those critters too!

  2. These are amazing! So glad you had an amazing time! There truly is something about Oregon!

  3. Beautiful pics! Love your cats, especially the black one. And the Hummingbird! Great shot!

  4. ooooh the hummingbird!! 2 weeks, how wonderful!!!

  5. beautiful! Oregon misses you : )

  6. Hello, looks like a wonderful trip. Lots of great critters. The kitties are cute, love the deer and hummer photos. The sky shots are just beautiful!
    Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!