Thursday, August 11, 2016


"Life is all memory,
except for the one present moment
that goes by you so quickly
you hardly catch it going."
Tennessee Williams

The present moment.
Saying "yes" to the present moment
and surrendering to the now.
We hear it.
We think it makes such good sense.
I know I do.
Not dwelling on or in the past.
Not agonizing over the future.
None of that.
Just living fully in the present.
I don't know about you,
but this concept,
like so many that we believe to be fundamental - 
reasonable, good for us, life affirming -
are so much easier to understand than to actually

If there's anything that a hummingbird can teach us -
and there are probably lots of things -
it is that notion that something is fleeting.
Something is flying by you so quickly
you hardly catch it going!
It seems very poignant to me when a hummer
settles on a branch in the midst of its busy buzzing about.
And, perhaps, even more so when it seems to pause -
to hover -
in mid flight.

This small,several second,
point of stillness seems to perfectly illustrate
that elusive notion of
'the present moment'

My little Oregon hummer seemed to be showing me,
as one day closed and the next was not yet known to us,
exactly what
looked like.
And felt like.

I'm oh so glad he paused like this,
just for me...
as if he had plenty of both wisdom and presence to share.

Joining Kat and Tamar


  1. Such amazing creatures and what an AMAZING shot!!

  2. Well said and wonderful capture of a moment in time.

  3. Beautiful picture and there is always something visually beautiful about poetry as well.

  4. I have a special place in my heart for hummingbirds because they remind me of my grandma. What a beautiful capture you got here with the sun setting behind it. So perfect!