Monday, August 1, 2016

Wide Open Spaces

junipers & wind blown grass

rim rocks & puffy clouds

a sunset & a thunder storm

farm land & a mountain range

painted hills & high desert

painted hills & farm land

painted hills & sage brush
{of note: the "paint" on the hills matches the sage brush}

crystal clear mountain lake & a crystal blue sky

mountain lake & ponderosa pines

foot hills & a sunrise

the scenic route
{oh, and mount hood, of course!}

Folks, these are some of my vacation iPhone pics.
Haven't even begun to wade through what's on the big girl camera yet.
Most of these were taken out a car window.
It's pretty hard to take a bad photo 'round these parts.
Each and every Oregon visit reminds me
that our Creator is, indeed, extremely creative....
that truly my life consists of blessing heaped upon blessing...
that most anything is possible.

Joining Tamar