Monday, August 22, 2016


Last night was one of those perfect summer nights.
Just warm enough.
Ever so slightly breezy.
And I found myself on Yawkee way, standing in front of the ticket office,
basking in the glow of one of my favorite Boston landmarks.
I was at Fenway!
The big news is, however, that I was NOT there for a Red Sox Game...

I was there to see the Zac Brown Band!
This is a pretty big deal for me.
If you add up all the concerts I've seen in my life,
including last night's,
the total would be less than ten.
For real.

You see, 
I really really really really really really
don't like crowds.
In a "breathing-gets-shallow-nauseous-loose-my-knees" kinda way.
So I have to really really really really want to be somewhere for me to brave a crowd.
Like at a Sox game.
Or, as it turns out, at a Zac Brown concert!

Just my luck,
the place was at capacity.
Set a record, in fact!
Largest crowd in the history of Fenway!
Oh my!

It's a good thing the concert was amazing,
cause the 20  minutes it took to exit the park were not.
Good news is,
I lived to tell the story!

Incredible sky.
Spectacular light show!

A fiddler I could listen to forever.

Iconic park.
Thousands of little lights.

This guy.
Such a voice.
So much guitar!
And turns out, he's a mush! Full of feeling!

The silhouette.
With the hat.
I think this is my favorite shot - the crowd illuminated, the stage, the silhouette.
Gotta love iPhones.
No big girl cameras allowed!

for the encore,
out he came in a Sox cap.
This was one AMAZING night!

Joining Tamar today


  1. Look at that! So fun! I was surprised I couldn't hear it, I could hear Billy Joel once!
    And I am SO the same with crowds!!

  2. That must have been so exciting. Great photos, especially that black and white!

  3. So glad you enjoyed the concert immensely. I relate (and suffered for years) and then . . . I discovered I am an introvert and that's not a bad thing; just misunderstood by extroverts. In fact in my their own way introverts are AWESOME for so many reasons. I love people. I love events. I simply prefer to experience without drama. And . . . after group events, I need down time to rejuvenate. Sound familiar?

  4. i so get the crowd thing!!! beautiful images from the concert...i have been to so many, billy joel and bruce springsteen, at least 10 times each!!!!

  5. Congrats on doing this. You got some excellent photos!