Thursday, September 1, 2016

Finders Keepers

Finding old photo albums is like discovering a gateway to the past.

This tattered, mildewed and decaying old wedding album was begging to be cherished.
The photos it held were suffering,
as the album was no longer fit to house the treasured memories.

Over the weekend, I took apart the old book
and gently separated the photos from the paper they were glued on to.

Inspired by the elegant shots,
I came up with a simple plan to showcase the bride and groom
in a fresh, new album ~ simple mounting, delicate accents.
Let the photos tell the tale.

I hope William and Dorothea are happy in their new dwelling place.
It's good to know that they are safe here...
preserved in a way that will endure.
No more yellowing.
No more tatters or decay.

No more fading away.
No, they now become a lasting treasure
just waiting to hear the gleeful cries of their great children
{or their great greats}
as they exclaim,
"Oh my! Look what I've found!"



  1. What a gift to the memories and to their memory keepers!!

  2. beautiful adrienne!!! what a task but a true labor of love for you i'm sure. i like the unity in the pages, you did a really classy job!!!

  3. Loved the look of the old albums, but love even more what you did to preserve the photos. What wonderful stories will be told from them!

  4. So beautiful! It's amazing how mistreated old photos were when we would glue them into place. I would even cut mine to pieces to fit lockets or use in scrapbooks. It makes me cringe now to think about! So I really love seeing how you were able to preserve the little time capsule you found!