Thursday, September 15, 2016

one of my new favorite things...

I love snail mail.
Don't you?!

This summer I discovered an app that I absolutely ADORE!!

It's called "Ink Cards"
and to test it out I sent a few to myself!
Paper quality? OUTSTANDING!
Photo quality? EXCELLENT!
Embossed envelope? SO FUN!

These can be sent as a postcard, or you can "upgrade" to an envelope.
Total for card, envelope and mailing you ask? 
Again - let me just say - OUTSTANDING quality!

In this shot you can see the texture of the card stock used.
And there's lots of space for you to compose a personal message.

Hope you enjoy this app ~ I know I sure have!!

{this is NOT a sponsored post...just me, sharing my discovery with you!}

Joining Tamar and Kat


  1. Fun!! I know some cute nephews who may like a mail surprise!!

  2. Snail Mail is always fun and this does look like a very nice service.

  3. I may need to check that out and actually get cards mailed!

  4. Makes me ponder that snail mail has become a highlight. Signs of the times. I will definitely be checking the app out.

  5. i just downloaded the app. i had something similar but never used it. it could have been this as i lost all my apps (long story)!! but now i have it, already done and free, i like that.

    and i won't have to sent a testing 123 card!!!

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