Monday, October 24, 2016

Ah, Weekends

Friday and Saturday were, in a word, BLUSTERY!
Stormy, gray and very windy.
Leaves are falling and swirling about
and we are enjoying the show up here in New England!

I got to puppy-sit this weekend.
So I had to get the big girl camera out on Sunday
and get a few fall shots of this guy.

This one's my favorite!

We lit our FIRST official FIRE since moving to the new place!
Fireplace was on that "must have" list when we were looking for a house....

Sitting in front of the roaring fire
and enjoying the Pats game with my daughter and son-in-law,
I felt like a kid on Christmas morning who got
she asked for!!

Joining Tamar


  1. Yay for fall and puppy time! So envious of the fire - it's so fire weather now!!

  2. so many sweet hearts in that last image, so happy for you adrienne!!!

  3. I'm happy you had such a nice evening! The fireplace is beautiful.