Thursday, October 6, 2016

the more things change, the more they stay the same

I love old stuff.
Always have.
Especially old stuff that has a connection to my family.
These old milk bottles,
and the pretty butter dish,
were on display at our town's little museum.

Funny how these days
we've returned to choosing glass containers
for food storage.
And funny how old gems like these
seem to be all the rage in wedding and home decor.

Fine with me.
Cause I really love old stuff!

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  1. I love the vintage more permanent feel than the new plastic!

  2. I love the glass milk jars. I even remember when milk and other dairy products were delivered to your door! Ack! Showing my age. Your post made me smile. Happy Thursday!

  3. I like the way you have photographed these old bottles. they are beautiful.

  4. A few years back while cleaning out my mom's and the in-law's houses I added so many glass food storage pieces to my kitchen. Really love them and feel they keep my leftovers closer to fresh made than plastic can.

  5. Beautiful bottles with great reflections.

  6. Yes, i like your bottles too! Cool reflections!
    Have a lucky week!

  7. I love old stuff too but I don't have any. However, I love looking at old stuff whenever I get a chance. Great post!

  8. Perfect for reflecting. Part of the reason I love glass.

  9. c'est vrai qu'elles sont très belles ces bouteilles en verre et un bout d'histoire *
    les reflets ajoutent un brin de préciosité *
    beau weekend !

  10. You have a wonderful way of finding beauty in everything!

  11. Brings back memories of my school days when we would have to drink a bottle of milk each morning. The bottle was one third of a pint and the same shape as one of the bottles in your photos.