Friday, December 9, 2016

O Christmas Tree...

 O Christmas tree,
Your branches green delight us!

13 houses in 32 years.
our 14th and
final house
truly becomes our home
at Christmas time.

Wherever we've journeyed in our years together,
I've always felt that our physical space
became our own
once it was decorated
for Christmas.

This year is no exception.
{and I'm giddy with Christmas joy!}
I knew from the moment I first saw this place
that this would be the corner
which would hold our tree.
What I didn't know
when imagining this sight,
is that reflection magic
would turn my one tree to three!

Joining James


  1. so pretty! I hope you have a wonderful first Christmas in your new home

  2. super spot for the tree...and I love the second bokeh shot!!

  3. Brilliant reflections and beautiful shots of your tree!

  4. You've moved a lot. This is so pretty. Merry Christmas!