Tuesday, January 31, 2017

All of it....

What do you see?

A frigid, tangled mess?
The warm, light of hope?

This photo reminds me that what I see so often depends on where I choose to focus.
Sometimes I see tangles.
Sometimes I see light.

This photo suggests to me that, perhaps, it's not an either/or.
Always there are tangles.
And always there is light.

When I look at this photo, I see magic.
The magic that was that moment when frigid tangle met warm light and painted
just for me
a glorious tableau....

So, perhaps, the best answer to the question,
'What do you see?'
is simply ... all of it.

I see the mess
I see the light

And I'm trying to embrace the whole tableau.


  1. Light, tangles, a shimmering frostiness... I see winter in its glory

  2. I see both as well. Beautiful words for a beautiful image. Have a joy filled day. xo