Wednesday, May 20, 2009

If the Pencil Sharpener Could Talk

I love the expression, "If walls could talk." I'd love to hear what the walls of our new little Woburn rental would say. I know that my landlord's parents lived here for quite some time. I think it's their name engraved on the front door knocker. Since their death, I believe the house has been rented once ... and not cared for very well. I'm very glad to be the temporary care taker of this home and I want to give these walls lots to say!

Especially the basement walls!

At the bottom of the basement stairs, screwed into a paneled ledge, is a pencil sharpener. Are you old enough to remember having a pencil sharpener in your basement? So many people did! Many were attached to the stairs themselves. It seemed so fitting that this small echo of the past was waiting for me at the bottom of the basement stairs! It seemed to be there challenging me to create a space where friends would come to preserve their memories! I wonder how many kids ran down these stairs in the middle of doing their homwork to sharpen a pencil. Did mom have to wander down in the middle of a crossword puzzle? Or dad, while balancing the budget? I love that this little gadget has been touched by so many....wouldn't it be great if just by touching it we could take a tour through the memories it holds?

So, I have JOYFULLY set up a scrapbooking workshop space!! I've filled the room with paper, tools, tables......m&m's......and photos! And I hope that many, many, many hours will be spent with friends here ~ as we share our past memories, our current worries and our future dreams. This hobby has connected me to some of the finest people I've ever met....I am so grateful for all the ideas, quotes, laughter, stories, tears and stickers that we've traded and shared!

So, If you live in the Boston area, please come by for a visit! Bring some photos and a story...and you'll leave with a beautiful keepsake! Or just come for a visit (and some m&m's)...


  1. You had me at m&m's ;) I do hope to come by soon. I need to put some stuff together and just come on by. :) Hugs.

  2. wow!! it looks so good. i haven't seen it since move-in day. guess that means i need to come do some scrapping :)