Tuesday, July 28, 2009

When the Going Gets Tough

I'm not sure that I can call myself a 'blogger' if I skip two months....but I've learned that when my "going gets tough" I retreat and find I don't have much to say. Or, should I say, I don't want to say all the discouraging things that I'm thinking and feeling. Since last I posted to this blog, two of our closest-ever-friends-for-life packed up and moved to Texas....I mean, really...who moves to TEXAS?!! Before they moved we spent a super fun weekend camping with good friends. And since then I've had a vacation to my favorite place in Oregon (speaking of far!)...it's a place that always calms my spirit and refreshes my heart....Oregon pictures and stories coming!
So, in anticipation of their move and in honor of New England, we got in the car, drove to Maine and looked for light houses! No, we didn't have a map...or a plan...we just drove, stopped at a beach, bought some taffy, drove some more and then stopped at Nubble Light house and took some picutres! After one light house we decided we needed to find aonther one and continued North! We stopped by the Bush compound (well, we took some photos from across the inlet and watched some family members arrive by boat...) and then found Porpoise Cove, our second light house and a wonderful restaurant! Brian and David got their good wine and seafood....and Mardee and I had our boring chicken and steak with Diet Coke...well, she might have had a margarita! On to dessert - one word - YUM! It was the kind of time we just love with them ~ relaxing activity and easy conversation. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the time...I was anticipating feeling sad and unsettled because this special memory was marking the "end" of the New England phase of our friendship. Instead, it's a happy memory that reminds me that there are many ways to live inside of a friendship....and while we may have lost our "neighbors" we will never loose our FRIENDS!!!!!

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