Sunday, March 13, 2011


Last Sunday was a "balmy" day. Even though there was still snow on the ground, we could feel the warmth of the sun and didn't even wear coats as we headed off to church. Today was another pretty day here, and there's been enough spring rain this week to almost completely wash away all the snow. We're all ready for spring, to say the very least. After springing ahead last night, we actually had daylight until after 6:30 today!

And last Sunday we had an extra little baby and some dear friends join us for church ~ "church" being nothing more than a few friends gathering in a living room to sing and pray and share what's on our hearts. So, when two special friends and their beautiful daughter join us, it is very encouraging! There were lots of hugs, and "coos" and young mom stories shared. This morning we sat in my dining room, around our table, shared a meal, talked for several hours, and then ended with a prayer of gratitude and remembrance. Simple. Warm.

Warmth. So nice to feel the warmth of the sun and the warmth of the spring air fighting it's way to our neck of the woods. Even nicer to know the warmth of genuine friendship! All of this has me longing for our summer camping trips ~ Taking off for a few days with good friends, setting up camp and talking and laughing. And ending our time together with a yummy breakfast, and a time of worship, outside, under the trees!

Here are two of the layouts I made from our September trip last year!

Looking forward to starting my fourth camping scrapbook ~ Hurry up Memorial Day!

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