Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dabbling in Digital!

In December, right before Christmas, the Scanlon family....two grandparents, four siblings, four spouses, six cousins and one fiance....were treated to the vacation of a lifetime!! The two grandparents invited all of us to a stunning resort on the Mayan Riviera, near Cancun in Mexico. We were dazzled by the beautiful scenery, treated to an endless array of food and drink, warmed by the hot sun and blessed with hours of time to spend with each other. I was excited to get home, gather everyone's pictures and get to work learning how to work with digital software. I wanted to make something that I could send to Brian's parents that would let them know how grateful we were for their generous gift and their dedication to family ~ their years of love, support and hard work have profoundly influenced all of us.
Got to use a photo for the background of this page, and then sneak some more pics of pool fun into the mix!

...that appear side by side.

Very easy to coordinate pages...

One of the best part of the vacation was getting to see all the kids enjoy their time together. These kids have put up with lots of cameras over the years...all the parents and grandparents enjoy pictures! Since we are usually only together once a year, we try hard to take a photo of the six cousins each time. These "cousin pictures" are among my favorite photos of  all of my photos. This trip was no exception to the cousin phtoto rule!

Posing on one of the many bridges that were built over the pools...they take a smily photo and a silly photo. No question that they enjoy making faces more than smiling!
Just look how beautiful this place is!!
To look through the whole book, follow this link:

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