Friday, April 15, 2011

April First

April the first brought more snow.
Not a joke. Not a gag,
Just a cold, wet, white morning...

April the first brought more snow.
Not a warm drizzle or rain,
Just the all familiar winter chill.

So, April first brought more snow.
Not a lot. No big deal.
Just believe that warmth is coming!

April first brought more than snow!
While gazing outside, hoping for spring...
I spotted a robin! My first!

{this was my first Six Word Fridays!}


  1. I love your cadence and rhythm here. It reads really beautifully.

  2. Spring is coming. It's just taking it's own sweet time. :)

  3. April has been fooling all month! :)

  4. Robins - they kind of herald spring in. Giving reassurance spring is coming - despite what the weather might be doing! :)