Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Birthday Girl

From the moment we met, my Melissa has sweetened my world. From the days of coos and smiles, to the last piece of advice I asked her, she has filled my heart with love and joy. She has grown from a precious infant into a talented, tender, insightful and courageous young woman. She's creative. And fun. She can lose herself in a Disney movie and enjoy a presidential autobiography. She's a dreamer who listens to her heart and genuinely wants everyone she has ever loved to live happily ever after. Here are three words that mean a lot to her:

FAMILY Devoted to her own family, she also serves, loves and encourages many, many families! In six months, when she gets married (!!!!!), she gets to begin her own family ~ a life long dream fulfilled! She's a great daughter, sister, granddaughter, cousin and "auntie"!

Oregon Smiles!

He asked, and she said YES!!

FRIEND One of my favorite memories from this past year, was a trip that she and I took to Savannah. She has truly grown to be a best friend. And I am so grateful for her ~ I wish we could spend our days exploring and talking and dreaming!

FOCUS Few things make me happier than looking at photos that Melissa has taken and/or edited. I love seeing things through her eyes and have enjoyed watching her talent grow and mature as she does! We do share a love for all things "photography"... she grew up saying "cheese" and has most of her life well documented in a library of scrapbooks. My current obsession is scrapbooking photos that she has taken. Don't have to add much to her photos to make a masterful layout!

Framing Her Shot

Melissa's photos of Ben, Becky and Baby Madi
If you can't tell by now, I love her! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, Melissa ~ may this be your best year yet!!

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  1. this is such a sweet post! hope you guys had fun celebrating!