Friday, April 1, 2011

Sometimes I DON'T take pictures.

My family might disagree with that. But it's true. There are moments when I wish an invisible photographer could capture us, just as we are, with no awareness of his presence. Then (later) I could look through the photos and make a beautiful scrapbook page that would almost be able to communicate all that my heart was feeling...during those moments when I DON'T take any pictures.

Last night I had a couple of those moments.

When I got home (about 9:30) the other three were waiting for me. It was IDOL results night, and I loved that the rest of my family waited for me to watch the show. That alone could have been photo number one. Each one in their place as I walked into the living room - laptops out, tv on. Greetings and jokes start right away...clearly everyone was in a pretty good mood, and silliness was in the air. That shot - the backs of their heads, the dimly lit room, tv in the back ground....everyone home.

I took the remote from Brian, settled into "my" corner of the couch, and found the dvr'd show. Jer asked everyone to predict the two that would be voted off....names and descriptions (and insults!) started to fly. And we started the show. For the next forty five minutes, I could have kept that invisible photograher busy. Both boys dancing in place (in their chairs, arms raised) as they mocked someone. The ironic expression on my husband's face as he made up lyrics to some song that he couldn't stand/believe someone was actually singing. A couple of shots of kids doubled over with laughter. One of my daughter gripping her blanket (we choose blankets over keeping the heat turned way up), hoping that the one she wanted to stay didn't get voted off . Several shots of our arms raised in victory when the results went our way. I kept resisting that urge inside to get up, get my camera and irritate everyone with my picture taking ~ definately would have spoiled the mood!

Just an hour in the life of our little family. No fancy meal. No big deal. No deep conversation or meaningful achievement. Just an hour in the life. With one 'child' getting married in about six months, and the other chomping at the bit to get his own apartment, I know our days as a little family of four living under the same roof are numbered. And that's ok. It's good, actually ~ as it should be! These seemingly insignificant hours aren't being treasured because I'm afraid of loosing them....but because I'm so grateful to have them. There will be other lame family nights, when I will get out my camera. And there will be scrapbook layouts to prove it. But, until this invisble photographer joins us, I'll just have to try and hold on to some memories without the help of photos and pretty paper!

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  1. Very pretty pic of you in upper right corner! Love it! Cindy :)