Tuesday, May 17, 2011

a love letter

Dear Brian,
I love you.
It seems like I've always loved you ~ that you've always filled the biggest part of my heart. Next year we'll be able to celebrate the 30th anniversary of our first date ~ I'd say, "let's recreate it," but wouldn't want to make you sit through that movie again. Maybe a dinner and a different movie in Harvard square would be fun. I'd be with you, so I'm sure it would be.

We were an unlikely pair ~ the confident Harvard guy from Oregon and the insecure {barely a student} gal from Phili. You had the attention of plenty of girls, but you chose me! And then you made me believe that you really meant it. Valentine's day {1983} you quoted shakespeare to me and Valentine's day {1984} you gave me a diamond. I say we try to recreate those evenings in a few years...it'd be dorky, but I'd be with you, so it would be wonderful/dorky.

When we got married we promised to follow our dreams ~ and those dreams have taken us to far away lands and helped us to build a wonderful family. Our dreams have changed. We've changed. Through it all you have shown yourself to be a man of integrity, patience, hard work, determination, intelligence and character. You make me laugh ~ not always easy, right!? And you make the kids laugh...often and over any little silly thing. If they work hard and know the value of a dollar, it's thanks to you. They are clear thinking, and they know themselves ~ also, thanks to you! You are a calm, gentle, wise and steadfast man. And I love you.

Perhaps the greatest gift you've given me is time. Time to grow up. Time to loosen up. Time to let go. When I've been at my most exposed and weak and vulnerable, you have cared for me and moved for me and made sure that everything was gonna be ok. You've accepted me, which is, slowly, over time, teaching me to accept myself. What a great gift. Thank-you.

As our children get ready to leave the nest, it's not an empty feeling I feel. Not at all. Cause you're here. And no matter where life takes them or what the future holds, I believe in us. I believe in you.

I cherish you, now and for always.


  1. How sweet. Love the collection of photos. Really adds to the story! Congrats to both of you!

  2. 30 years?!?! Wow, that is truly amazing. Great pics.

  3. This was such a loving and moving letter. What a wonderful man you have chosen to spend your life with. It sounds like it's been an amazing 30 years.

  4. omgosh this letter was just beautiful! So much love, respect, & adoration! ♥

  5. I loved this post A. It inspires me to hold out for love like this.

  6. This was beautiful. Thirty years? That's so great - congrats!

  7. What a wonderful letter to your husband. So full of love and remembrance. He sounds like a wonderful man, friend, father (and I say this even though he's wearing a Cowboys jersey!!!).

  8. What a wonderful relationship the two of you have!