Wednesday, May 18, 2011


It's Raining, It's Pouring,
     I wish I was home
    {and snoring}
I'm singin' in the rain!
Rain, Rain GO AWAY!
      please, now, please.
The Rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain ~
      not in Spain,
      or in the plain
     {or trying to learn the Queen's English}

I fundamentally believe it's ridiculous to complain about the weather or wish it away. I really try not to be that person who switches the conversation to the weather. I want to believe that my mood isn't affected by the drab, drizzly, gray, cold, dampness that we're calling "spring". I'm failing. 100%. My toes are cold, my nose is cold, my house is damp....and we've all had enough!

There. Just had to get it out! Maybe I can move on to some positive thinking now! And use it as an excuse to look at these photos of my kids and an umbrella that make me smile!

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