Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Father's Eyes

My father is an architect. A man of vision and curiosity. Someone who has always had a perspective AND been willing to change his perspective. That's a rare combination.
And he's given me a rare treasure.
His photos.
I have boxes filled with his slides ~ photos of my childhood, of my brother's childhood. Of our sweet loveliness as he saw it.
Which helps me remember!

As a family, we might have been happiest at the shore. My brother and I spent hours and hours of our summer vacation playing in the ocean ~ He was the true water rat...I just tried really hard to keep up.

Dad captured the fun, wet and wild moments. But I think my favorite photos are his quiet photos ~ those moments he captured without us knowing it.
They seem so pure.
And tender.
Straight from my father's heart.

Thanks, Daddy.

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