Friday, May 13, 2011

Seeking Wisdom

If it's wisdom that I seek,
I must try not to speak.
Rather listen and watch and ask.
And wrestle with what seems true.
And be open to anothers' truth
Even as it challenges my own.

When it's wisdom that I seek
I must walk among the meek.
Patiently listening and watching and asking.
Not afraid of gentle guidance, not
Fighting for my way, my comfort
or my answer to be right.

As it's wisdom that I seek
I can turn the other cheek,
And ask, and listen before I
Judge. Maybe even instead of judging.
Perhaps this conflict was sent to
enlighten. Don't want to miss out.

Because it's wisdom that I seek
I will be slow to speak.
I'll ask to be pure and
Impartial, sincere and surrendered. I'll watch
those who love peace and are
full of mercy. And I'll listen.


  1. I love all the lines...wisdom comes from all our challenges-this is lovely!

  2. Slow to speak, quick to listen
    (I'm still learning this one, too...)

  3. I love the way you started each stanza, like a progression. This is truly lovely. And, I really like how you folded Bible verses into the text. Good work!!

  4. Oh Adrienne, this is beautiful. I agree with Caroline that I love the progression. Right now I definitely resonate with not fighting for my way or my comfort but being open to what is being presented. Not always an easy lesson, but wisdom has its price, no?

  5. I love how the first two lines of each stanza tie it all together. Lovely.