Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Favorite Scrapbooking Trick

If you're like me, you love photos. And sometimes you take too many of one place or event. Well, ok, not too many (cause we can never have too many photos!) But you have tons. Too many for just a page or two in the scrapbook. That's when I like to make a "cut through" layout. It's nothing fancy, but it lets me use lots of pictures over four pages and tie them all together.

By cutting a hole in the center page, I'm able to put a title on the first page and one of my favorite pictures on the last page, and have them show up in both spreads. Then I add pictures around them! One title, one color scheme, lots of photos and multiple spreads.

Endless Possibilities!


  1. You do beautiful work!! I just may be inspired to start scrapbooking again!

  2. Adrienne this is really cool! And exactly the kind of thing I've never been good at!