Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Ali!

I love my Mary Engelbreit page-a-day calendar. Most days the bright art and uplifting saying or quote just encourage me in the morning. But there are some days when the picture or quote just make me feel like Mary (Engelbreit, that is) drew them, wrote them and picked the day they'd show up on the calendar just for me. Today is one of those days!

Today is Ali's birthday. And she loves Mary too! So this just brought a smile to my face today ... cause anything that makes me think of Ali brings a smile to my face. She's a forever friend, a great wife and a happy, loving mom to three pinch-their-cheeks-adorable kids. She loves my kids with all her heart ~ and us moms know how much it means to us when someone truly loves our children. She's a southern belle, a renaissance woman, a loyal friend and a pop-culture aficionado all rolled into one.

Beautiful Spirit ~ that's how I'd describe her. Beautiful inside and out. Aware of what matters most in life and ready to share joy with everyone around her.

Happy Birthday, dear friend!

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