Thursday, June 23, 2011


Looking for myself
in the lily pond.
What do I see?
What does the lens capture?

A shadow,
a few whisps of hair,
the one
behind the camera.

The heavens loom large.
I am not much
against the marbled sky,
across the span of time.
Yet I am all.
All that I have, all that I can become.

Reflected in the pond,
Reflections in my mind.
Always chasing understanding.
In the shadows of now,
Looking to the light of tomorrow.


Barbara said...

Beautiful post!

ayala said...

Adrienne, a beautiful post. "all that I have, all that I can become." You earned it!

Ashley said...

beautiful. i love it! :)

Ruby ★ said...

I LOVE this, so beautiful! ♥

Kimberly said...

Love the shadow. Great phrasing "In the shadows of now..." <--especially that line!

Debbie said...

great self portrait....longwood???

beautiful poem!!! said...

That is so wonderful - perfect for that photo!

2bdancing said...

That's a great photo. And a wonderful poem. Thanks for pointing me to it :)