Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Saturday Stroll

Several weeks ago I discovered a new blog that I really enjoy.
While wandering through old posts, I came across
on Debbie's blog It's All About Purple!!
She and her husband had been to Longwood Gardens,
and reading about their day gave me the idea to
invite my Dad and Liz to head there for the day while I was home.

It was a lovely, lovely day!
Nothing but wandering, talking and "ooohhing" and "aahhhhing"
over acres and acres of plants and flowers.
There's history, tree houses, waterfalls, fountains
and more flowers and colors that you can imagine!
I especially loved the lily ponds.
Enjoyed the variety of the flowers and the way the sky
and buildings
were reflected in the ponds.

Any excuse to take a couple hundred photos makes me happy, right!?!


  1. Those pictures are beautiful!

  2. this is just wonderful adrienne....you create beautiful scrapbook pages!!!

    thank you so much for the very kind words. i can't tell you how amazing it feels to see yourself mentioned in someone else's blog.

    when i started my blog i never dreamed that it would have such a profound, positive impact on my life......and it really has!!!

    your blog is beautiful....a place i love to go and wonder around!!! xo

  3. Hi Adrienne, I think I've tried to comment here before, but Blogger was acting up again for me and it didn't go through. That seems to be happening quite a bit lately.

    Thanks for coming by my blog the other day! I love your scrapbooking photos, you do a fantastic job. I'm going to sign up to be a follower and I'll be back to see more. Take care! ~Cheryl

  4. Oh it would totally make me happy, how beautiful!!! Lovely place to visit for sure. I love how you took advantage of the moment :)


  5. This is beautiful! I love the buttons on your scrapbook page.