Friday, June 10, 2011

Near to Us

Who is this woman? And who
are these children? Today she claims
that Happiness truly found her when
she was near the ocean's edge.

What, then, does that say about
all her other days with us?
Does she know she's left me
feeling like I am never enough?
Today she lives regretting all that
she sacrificed to raise her kids.
And treats us like we asked
this of her. And owe her.

Wish I could find that woman,
take my brother's hand, and say,
"Mom, I wish you could find
happiness just being near to us."


Molly @ Postcards from a Peaceful Divorce said...

Oh Adrienne, no wonder you were grappling with this post. It's breathtakingly beautiful and sad, and your wish is so perfectly stated. xo

Sara said...

So much power in so few words. said...

Wow. Poignant.

cj Schlottman said...

This poem is lyrical and penetrating, so beautifully written and rife with emotion. Thanks for having the courage to share your truths.


2bdancing said...

You are enough.
More than.
The mom thing is tough, isn't it?
After my mom passed last year, there were some validations and the like unresolved for me. A councilor recommended looking for ways that she had done so in her behavior that maybe she and I didn't realize she had done. Don't know if that's helpful here, but worth mentioning, I think.

Belinda said...

This breaks my heart. Thanks for sharing.

melissa said...

What a sad, tender post.

Rachelle said...

this made me tear up... Such a powerful, heartfelt piece. Beautifully honest.

melgallant said...

I have a rather fractured family myself. I have felt the same way and have the same unanswered questions for my family (yes, with the ocean playing a part too). In expressing your sorrow, I hope you realize you are enough. Just as you are. :)