Sunday, June 12, 2011


"Sometimes being a brother
is even better than being a superhero"
Marc Brown

This last couple of weeks my brother has been my superhero ~
He has swooped in and calmed my heart.
From high atop his Maui volcano, he has responded to
my call for help.
His super power is hidden in his words of wisdom, 
his tales of chiseled statues
and his emails seasoned with dry witticisms.
I have a feeling I'm gonna be a tad needy these next few months.
Good to know his powers are limitless,
renewed by sun and surf,
and at my beck and call!


  1. Aww this was so sweet. Sounds like you have an amazing brother :)

  2. Love this! I have three brothers and love them so. It's so great to see such a good relationship with yours! :)


  3. I never had a brother. So glad that you have a special one!