Friday, July 22, 2011

A Sister and Brother

No one ever had to ask
you to love each other. Ever.

Or show you how. When I
think about you two, the word
I come up with is destiny.

Your friendship was not born of
fine parenting. It was not taught.
It's what you two made it
as you played and giggled... as
you traveled, kept secrets and seasoned
your conversations with movie and TV
quotes. You shared your toys, and,
as you grew, you shared friends.

Us parents? We hope our kids
will do things without being asked.
Well, no parent's ever asked you
two to love each other. Ever!


  1. I love this! so sweet and so fortunate :)

  2. awwww how sweet! I'm an only child & I can't wait to see the relationship my daughter has with her little sister! =)

  3. what a beautiful story......children learn what they live!!!

  4. That's how I feel about my own two. Jonah loved her right from the start and it has continued ever since, although there is always sibling squabbling.

  5. Those darling grown children of yours!
    We hope ours will be just as close as they grow. We shall see! :)

  6. Sibling friendship is the best there is. You know they are looking out for one another. A beautiful thing. :)