Friday, July 15, 2011


Emails. Faxes. Mail. Old and new.
Most in piles. {Some in files}
I stamp 'Faxed', 'Entered' or 'Paid'.
Keeping track, staying legal, chasing insurance.
It all seems so utterly meaningless.
I get down, and drown in
it sometimes. And have to look
beyond the tasks, phone, papers and
paycheck. Many buildings are being built.
I support a kind man who
runs a small business that feeds
fifteen families. One of them - mine.
A little gratitude. A little perspective.
My overly dramatic drowning becomes swimming.
A little writing. A quiet evening
relaxing with my family. Guess I'll
live to stamp 'Paid' another day.


  1. I like where you went with this, nicely done. :)

  2. this is really good. it sounds like my you work with you husband??

    chuck and i had a good size company for years. along the way, we bought & built income property. no more "business" now together we manage the properties we have accumulated and 30+ very demanding tennants!!

    i can really relate to this!!!!

  3. Wow. Nicely done.
    "A quiet evening relaxing with my family. Guess I'll live to stamp 'Paid' another day."

    I love that line. It shows business is necessary and routine but spending time with family is more important.

  4. TGIF and I get to read great posts like this.

  5. I love the gratitude. As I have been weeding through my stuff to move, I have thrown away so many old financial documents. After they have served their purpose, they must go.


  6. Perspective: the antidote to so many ills!

  7. Ooooo . . . this is so good! It reminds me of some of David's psalms - starting with the despair, ending in praise. :)

  8. I'm amazed at your six-word posts! Wonderful.

  9. This is very well written; I enjoyed reading it.

  10. Good reminder for all of us. Thank you!