Thursday, August 18, 2011

Behind the Camera

My perfect hiding spot?

Behind the camera.
Studying the world
{and my favorite faces}
through the lens.

Every photo I take captures,
not only a moment in time,
but my perspective on that moment.

Annie Leibovitz said,
"The camera makes you forget you're there.
It's not like you are hiding but you forget,
you are just looking so much."

Well, Ms Leibovitz, you may not be hiding,
but I suspect that {sometimes}
I just might be.

And I like my hiding spot!


  1. I love that photo!
    And I would never have thought of behind the camera as a hiding place... Great analogy!

  2. i love the photo also!! i don't hide behind the camera, i just think everything looks different through the lens, that's where i want to be!!

    the good spot for you is in front of the camera!! don't forget to memoralize yourself!!

  3. what a cute quote! I often "hide" behind the camera too, but I'm not always successful!

  4. What a cool way to think about being behind the camera. I like it but we also must remember to come out from behind the camera too.

  5. I hide behind my camera too. I joke that nobody really knows what I look like because there's always a camera in front of my face

  6. I think the camera is the perfect hiding place too. What a great take on the prompt!