Friday, August 19, 2011

Holding it Together?

Choose a font, compose the text.
Card stock, envelopes, stamps, ink. Pieces
of an invitation. Pieces of the
invitation, now tenderly assembled - little bits
of my heart embedded in each
fold, stuck to each morsel of
tape, infused into each stamped image.
She knows I want her to
have the day of her dreams.
And the marriage of her dreams.
For now, that means I attend
to details, helping her vision become
reality. Helping her to focus and
decide, and put all the pieces
together. While I hold it together,
emotionally. Well, until the post office.
With the mailing of the invitations
came a few tears. Completely unexpected.


  1. Your little girl is growing up! This is such a great event!

  2. oh wow! what a big day.
    i would have unexpected tears, too.
    she is lucky to have you.

  3. She is very lucky to have you! And, I'm sure the tears will keep coming. What a joyous time in your lives!

  4. I love that you made the invitations! Enjoy every minute of the planning

  5. This is so sweet....little bits of your it!

  6. Well, that makes it official, right? What a momentous occasion. Good luck!

  7. tears of joy!! your daughter getting married?? and how come i don't know that??

  8. Ah, I can totally understand the tears. Probably the first of MANY tears of joy!

  9. Oh, THE invitations! Congratulations!

  10. How exciting, and, yes, emotional!
    Hope your are savouring every little detail as you attend to them.

  11. I bet they're beautiful, as she is and will be.

  12. How exciting that the invites are sent! Emotional too...yes, most certainly! The invitations are out...that much closer to the big day.

  13. I just opened my invitation today and I just have to say that they are BEAUTIFUL!! i can feel all the love that you put into each and every one!