Sunday, August 28, 2011

Friendship and a Birthday!

How true is this?

Got this from a bestie a few weeks ago.
The friends who know us, who trust us, who listen
and aren't put off by the messes we make ~
you know, the friends IN IT for the long haul ~
Cindy's one of those friends!

We go back to college days - pre husbands, pre kids.
Generous, thoughtful, creative and fun!
{Competitive - my 'words with friends' enemy!}
An AMAZING mom!!!
She hates crazy weather, so I'm sorry she has
to deal with Irene on her birthday.

I do LOVE her ~ and her wonderful family!!
Happy Birthday Friend....we'll celebrate when the
winds and rains leave us!


  1. what a wonderful friend!!! xo

  2. What a lovely gift to receive. Something you can keep for ever!

  3. lovely tribute to a great friend!

  4. It's great when you maintain a friendship over the ofter we get busy with our own life that we let old friends slip away.

  5. I love a game of Scrabble with a good friend!

  6. She sounds like an amazing friend! Happy Birthday to her!