Friday, August 26, 2011

Hindsight is Easy

There seems to be more clarity
in the rear view mirror. Easy
to look back, rewrite, and yearn
for what could have been. Can
seem so darn clear. Obvious. Soon
we start following the "what if"
brick road. Which isn't yellow and
doesn't lead to Oz. Or anywhere.

There seems to be more clarity
in the rear view mirror. Easy
to miss the fact that it's
just a reflection. It's not now.
It's not real. It can't change.
Nevertheless, it is there - staring at
us with all its clarity. Daring
us to learn and move on.

Though there seems to be more
clarity in the rear view mirror,
I prefer the whir and blur
of the present. With all its
twists and turns. I even prefer
the uncertainty of the future with
all its possibilities. When I remember
to lift my eyes, paths appear.

Maybe not perfectly mapped out or
easy - but eager to be pursued.


  1. I love your poetry! It was so beautiful! I agree that sometimes the whir and blur of the present can be amazing!

  2. Beautiful; you are so good with words!
    "When I remember to lift my eyes, paths appear."
    Thank you!

  3. The rear view mirror can really take us off course if we allow it. Looking back can only assist so much.

    Nice :o)

  4. objects in mirror may be larger than they appear. it's worth remembering that the rear view mirror is very small and doesn't offer the whole picture. just sort of a condensed, filtered version. where everything seems clear.
    and moving forward, you are right, it's all blurry and whizzing around if you look closely. But if you widen your focus as far as you can see, things slow down and you can make your way.
    great food for thought here :)

  5. Hind sight is definitely easy, and so very clear. Why does it take so long to find that perspective and clarity?

  6. This is a very insightful and lyrical poem. Yes, the past is in the past. Too bad so many people cannot let it go.


  7. This is lovely....should have could have...the important thing is to live in the moment. Very nice!

  8. Hindsight seems so clear, but as I look back, those sharp moments seem softened. My rearview mirror lies. Then again, I can't even see the future.

  9. I love the emphasis on 'seems'. Hindsight makes it all seem easier but its really not!

  10. Easy
    to miss the fact that it's
    just a reflection.

    This really struck me today! Hindsight may be 20/20, but it's not as useful as watching the road ahead. I lift my eyes...

  11. I agree with the previous comments. This is beautiful, and so very true!

  12. "eager to be pursued" Agree! Took me a long time to stop looking into the past trying to change what has been said and done. Much healthier to enjoy the present and move towards a future you can shape. Love this post!