Thursday, August 25, 2011

Good Morning, Bacon!

Mama Kat,
from that {pretty much world famous} writer's workshop,
wants to know the Top Ten Reasons Bacon is Awesome!

1. Bacon and Camping go together.
Anything that goes with camping is awesome!

2. Guys like to cook bacon.
I like it when the guys cook.

3. Bacon combines well with lots of things: 
sweet (pancakes) AND salty (eggs).
{especially beer batter pancakes!}

4. Syrup is Bacon's perfect dipping sauce.

5. Bacon and Diet Coke go together well.
{especially around a campfire}

6. Bacon is easy to share with your puppies.

7. Bacon is a perfect add-in.
Just cook two strips right into your chocolate chip,
beer batter pancakes. Delectable...

8. Bacon and Christmas morning go together.
And anything that goes with Christmas is awesome!

9. Bacon helps us enjoy snow days.

10. Then there are BLT's, bacon bits, fancy appetizers wrapped
in bacon, club sandwiches...

I know we shouldn't eat it that often,
but {oh} don't we all love bacon??!


  1. lol! Love this post and all the ways you remind me of the power of bacon!

  2. Love the post, love the pictures and LOVE bacon! Stopping by from Mama Kat's.

  3. gooooo BACON!!! it too

    hi from mamak's

  4. Popping in from Mama's Losin' It. I chose the same writing prompt. I get the feeling you love cmaping! lol The Neuff

  5. everything's better with bacon!!! blt's are my all time favorite.....but we have had so many this summer with our home grown tomatoes, i am starting to grow tired of them!!!!

    wow.....did i really just say that!!!

  6. What a fun and tasty post. lol I never thought so much about bacon being versatile. I enjoyed my visit here very much. :)

  7. When I saw this prompt, I didn't think I could come up with 10 things to write about bacon. But I do love it!
    Now I'm cravin' bacon!