Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Souvenirs, Souvenirs....

Hanging out in Harvard Square and touring the campus
always includes a photo with John Harvard himself.
We had to wait in line to get this shot!

Saturday we were blessed by a visit from some old friends.
We knew them in Paris.
Met them when they were college students,
and moved before they'd had any of their kids!
We were blessed with several hours of walking, talking and
playing on the grass.

Did my heart so much good to connect to that time in my life.
I miss Paris, and the people we knew there.
But I don't let myself think about it much....
So it was good to remember!
And to spend time with old friends
who are happy and thriving and
surrounded by adorable kids!


  1. Long time friends are the best! Glad you were able to enjoy their visit.

  2. long time friends are the best. beautiful photo and memory!!!

  3. Those kids are PRECIOUS! I think I need to hear more about Paris. :) Out of everywhere I've been, France never happened.

  4. So good to be with old friends :) glad you had a good time.