Sunday, August 14, 2011

Eighty Years Young!

A man of eighty has outlived
probably three new schools of painting,
two of architecture and poetry and
a hundred in dress. 
Lord Byron 

I'm thinking that society's changes have
sped up since Lord Byron penned those words.
We could ask my Dad ~ he's celebrating his eightieth today!

And he knows things. Always has.
One of the best things about my dad is
that he's always learning things.
I love that about him.
I love that he's an architect ~ that can take an open space
and turn it into some one's home.
I love that he 'grounded' me.
Put a good head on my shoulders, taught me to think.
Gave me a home, shared his history,
and let me know my life was mine to map out.
And I love that he let me fly.
As my kids leave the nest, I know not to smother.
Cause my dad trusted and respected me
through the good decisions and the bad choices.
He's a great dad!
And whenever I see a globe, a newspaper, golf clubs,
a Phillie's hat, a #2 pencil, a film camera,
a crossword,  the Thinker statue, puzzles....
I think of him!
Memories built from lives shared!

So, today, I wish him the happiest of birthdays.
Would love to be with him and throw him a HUGE party
{he's earned it after all!}
But blog love it is.
You're the best, Dad!


  1. Aww! What a sweet post for your Dad :) My Husbands grandpa just turned 81 and he still works a full time job at a local Grocery store stocking shelves. He says hard work drives the crazy away.

  2. Aww...sweet, Happy birthday to your dad!I hope he has a good one!

  3. you dad is going to love this with all your love for him shining through. happy birthday young man, i hope all your wishes come true!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday E.J. - I always admired your Dad. I remember how he designed your mailbox - very modern.

  5. What a wonderful post Adrienne! And I'm so glad you included the baby picture, love it. Happy Birthday to your father!

  6. Hope your Dad had a wonderful birthday yesterday! That's special to have a photo of him as a baby.

  7. Happy birthday to your Dad! What a lovely post.....