Friday, September 2, 2011

I Wonder

When did I exchange wonder for
wisdom? I thought I'd made a
good deal. It felt good to
feel certain and to offer answers.

Today, I want to trade back.
Today, I think that one question
{and the willingness to ask it}
might be worth more than many
answers. Full of wonder is wonderful.


  1. Asking questions, especially when you're unsure of the answers (or already know the answers but don't like them) is one of the hardest things to do

  2. Such amazing pictures and as always such moving words!

  3. you really have a way with words and these pictures are gorgeous!!

    i always tell my husband that i want to be a child again. to know all the things i know and be young again with all that knowledge.

  4. the more I know, the more I know I don't know. those picture remind me of Tahoe with all the granite. Ahh...missing it.

  5. Lovely and so thought-provoking. "Full of wonder is wonderful, "pretty much says it all. I really feel this piece in my heart. Thanks.


  6. This. Yes. Feeling certain: not as important as pondering, wondering.

    I sometimes let exhaustion take the place of wonder. I don't mean to.

  7. Gorgeous photo and lovely words.
    Sorry I've missed a few of your post: hectic week!

  8. Beautiful photos! Where in the world were they taken?

    One of my favourite parts to being the mother of a toddler is to rediscover the wonder of this and that - and to find that the answers are sometimes different from what I learned them to be growing up. :)

  9. Lovely words... beautiful photo.