Thursday, September 1, 2011

They Scared Me!

It's too dark in here.
I wish everyone would come to bed. Mom and Aunt Brooke said, "Finish the movie, and then go to bed."
And then they went out for drinks.
No one's in here but me. John wouldn't listen to me and come to bed like we were supposed to.
Guess the cousins are cooler.
I don't like being alone. I wish everyone would come to bed. Or maybe mom will be home soon.
That dumb movie was too scary.

We shouldn't have watched this awful movie when we were all alone. What can I think about? I know, I'll think about Kimmy boogie boarding today. He's funny. And not scared of it at all!

He goes so fast. And falls, and doesn't care!
It's so quiet. Wonder what everyone is doing.
Oh, here comes someone, I think.

Door creaks....a little light....wait!
Who is this?? I can't see.
"I am the Phantom of the Opera!"
"I am the Phantom of the Opera!"
Should I say something? I don't understand? What is going on??
Wait, who is giggling? It's John. He's behind the Phantom.
I'm so confused.
Oh. every one's laughing but me.
Why did they have to scare me? I was already scared. Very funny.
Wet toilet paper on his face and arms....gross.
More laughter. At least they're leaving. I hate being alone.
I hate being scared.
Where are the parents. I hate being alone.
OK. Think about tomorrow. More beach. Daylight.
More fun. More waves.

Think about tomorrow. I HATE the Phantom of the Opera. And my cousins. And my brother.
I want to fall asleep. Think about tomorrow, think about tomorrow....


  1. Great post. I love the chant... Think about tomorrow, think about tomorrow. :) xx (visiting from mama kats.)

  2. I love the post - how funny that they were trying to scare you.
    I remember my cousins made me watch the Exorcist when I was like 7! I couldn't sleep for weeks!

  3. For me it was Nightmare on Elm Street! I just knew Freddie Kruger was coming after me as soon as I went to sleep! ~:o

  4. I hate scary movies and refuse to watch them. Lol. I don't like feeling scared!! Remember Halloween with Jamie Lee Curtis - shudder!!!