Friday, September 9, 2011

Move Away?

Stay inside. Lock the doors. One
gunman caught, two at large. No
cars allowed on our street. Real
live SWAT guys and the FBI.

That was Tuesday. In my neighborhood.
A failed jewelry store robbery, a
wounded officer...uneasiness fills the air.

If I could move away, would
I? And if violence is often
random, then there's no where to
run to, right? This is home.

And fear is not invited in.
Even if it knocks loudly or
permeates the cracks of my foundation.
I'll choose faith over fear as
I move through each extraordinary day.


  1. sorry to hear that all this happened in your backyard. Take care and I hope things get better.

  2. Hopefully things are calming down.

  3. The persistence of fear is overwhelming
    Ignoring it is a tough choice

  4. This kind of stuff can be paralyzing. I think faith is a good way to go Adrienne.

  5. yikes!
    Hoping things are calming down quickly.
    Glad fear is not invited in.
    Homes have room for many things,
    but fear shouldn't be among them! :)

  6. I can't believe this all happened in your neighborhood. I'm glad your safe!

  7. that's overwhelming and scarey adrienne, did they catch the guys??

  8. Adrienne, I'm so glad I found your blog! This piece is very real and penetrating. And I love that, out of violence, your character has found renewed faith and determination.


    PS - Thanks for visiting and commenting on "Your Crooked Smile!"

  9. Adrienne,

    Wow - what a stressful, scary experience. There is power in reclaiming your neighbourhood as your home versus giving in to fear. Good for you. :)