Friday, October 7, 2011


Our little ones ask, "Why?" NOT
to annoy us. They're just curious,
full of wonder, eager to learn.

As they get older we hear,
"Why not? Everyone else has one."
{or does it. or is going...}

Sometimes, the older we get, questions
turn into "Why not me?" Or,
why me, why now, why this...

I'd like my whys to be
full of wonder. I want to
be eager to learn and grow.
And I'd like my why nots
to be full of possibility, the
opening line for many new adventures.


  1. Love it! I hope all of your why not's are full of possibility!

  2. Oh, I surely love a great adventure. And, curiosity is the root of a mind ready to learn. I want to be a life long learner!

  3. Oh Adrienne - your're exactly right. I want to embrace the possibilities of why not? too. Love your play on why, why not, etc. Most excellent.

  4. the opening line for new adventures? beautifully said. That's a why not that I'd love to speak.

  5. I hope you get all the adventures that you desire, why not? :) very nice!

  6. The three-year-olds have the right idea. Why, why, why? Let's investigate... :)

  7. beautiful picture....and the harvard shirt is perfect, why not!?!